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2FA across all users

Great to see that 2FA has been made available.

Is there a way that we can either:

  1. Force users to use 2fa, or
  2. Admins see which users have turned on?

We can definitely set some business rules around the use of 2FA, but would be helpful if the system could support.


Hello @sam.minchin :wave: thank you for reaching out to our team and glad to hear your feedback on 2FA!

Even though we strongly recommend all users to enable Two-factor authentication, there is no mandatory restriction to force users to go through the process. Great suggestion here on admins having visibility over which users have already enabled their accounts.

As organizational controls would be a good next set of features, I have forwarded your feedback to our Product team.

Sharing with you below this useful FAQ which you could further share with your team in the meantime:

Hope this information helps and thank you once again for your valuable feedback!

Greets from Contentful team

Thanks Petra, it would be great if admin visibility over 2FA could be implemented.