Adding a hidden field

Am I able to add a pre-populated hidden field (hidden from content authors) with a default value?

Hi Isha!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Would you mind sharing a bit more details- why do you need it? Probably we can help you with workaround.

Thank you.

I realise this is a fairly old post but this is something I’ve been trying to do for a while. I essentially want to send some meta information to my web application that is associated with a certain content type.

One of my particular use cases is I have lots of template files on my web application and each one of them pertain to a particular content type. I would like to be able to store this information in the content type itself on Contentful side. So when my web application get’s a particular content type, it can check the hidden JSON field with the default value and it may have something like the following:

    template: 'templates/_blah.ejs'

I also have another question that relates to this topic. If we can’t add default values to hidden editor fields, what’s their use? The editor can’t edit them so their always going to be blank.