AI Image Tagging

In this I see the AI image tagging app and it only applies to PNG and JPG. What about SVG? This plugin is really valuable to me with SVG tagging but not so much without it.

In addition I had some questions about how the alt tags are rendered. We noticed our developer didn’t always code for an alt tag in the template. I suppose there is no way around it with this plugin (which would make it invaluable)? Meaning would this plugin inject the ALT=“my tags” into the code where that image was placed OR do I still have to go through and code for it in every spot where we allow images in the page templates?

Hi @jennifer.garcia, at the moment only JPG and PNG are supported according to the FAQ in the doc, and I will file a feature request on your behalf and send it to our product development team through our internal tools.

The AI-generated tags will be returned via Contentful APIs:
“imageTags”: {
“en-US”: [

and your development team can build a logic that adds the tags in the alt tag of your frontend application.