Angular + Firebase + Contentful

I am super new to angular, but managed to get a contentful tutorial working, but now want to use a firebase server in my project as well. I want to create a blog where someone who doesnt know code can save, edit, delete, and update any blog posts from contentful and then whatever option they choose (edit, save, update, delete) will display in the firebase server as well as the website. Also, I still want the user the opportunity to access and grab any information from the firebase server and use it into contentful as well! I have been stuck on this for a while now, and really dont understand where to start. There isn’t any tutorials on this at all except with different languages/frameworks, different cms, etc. I really don’t want to learn or understand another cms/language because I am starting to like angular and really love contentful, and noticed how efficient they both are. Any help would be tremendously appreciated!

Just learn angular + firebase, you’ll figure out how to do it by yourself as you go, you just need to undestand how angular services work, perhaps RXJS observables and I’m pretty sure that that’s all you’ll need :slight_smile: