Any idea how to use Contentful JSON editor in custom UI extension?

Hi there,

We are currently building a custom extension, which is a field editor, for object.

This extension needs to serve two types of people, developer and normal user.

For developers, they want to use Contentful JSON editor to edit object, like this:

For normal users, they want a more friendly UI, to edit object.

Currently I have already made the normal UI working.

My question is, how can I integrate Contentful JSON editor into the custom extension?

I searched on forma 36 and other github projects under contentful, no luck.

Any help is appreciated!


See that “Show JSON” switch?
When is off, display normal UI.
When is on, display Contentful default JSON editor.

I tried make our own json editor with jsoneditor, is just not as good as yours, plus the UI is not consistent using third party component.

We really want to use Forma 36 only to build the extension, for consistency.

Does anyonw know, where can I find the source code of Contentful JSON editor?

Did you check ?

Not yet, I must missed this sample extension, thanks for help!

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