Anyone migrated `checkbox` field from a content type `A` to a new content type `B` with multiple entries?

Hi There,
I am trying to migrate a Checkbox field from content type A to a new content type B with single field.

that is, following is the example.

I have Developer content type which has a checkbox field with name languages and each developer can be associated with multiple languages selected in UI. [‘c#’, ‘javascript’, ‘php’] etc…

Now, I want to make a new content type ‘Languages’ with single field called ‘name’

and create a master list of languages for each Developer to the master list of languages.

I have say about 100 developer content with many developers having few languages selected.

Now, I am in the process of migrating the languages to new content type.

My Language content type has only one field (for now) ‘name’

when I create a content migration I believe, I need to use

migration.deriveLinkedEntries({ function to migrate Data entries.

I am trying to create migration using example like below,

however, I dont seem to get the desired result… because, I dont understand, how to return multiple IdentitiKeys from single field values??

and subsequently, How to return multiple values in deriveEntryForLocale: ??

so that there are two entries created for each value of selected language

Any help would be appreciated!