API requests suddenly spiking

I have a limit of 1M requests (everyone else looks like they have 2M requests limit on free tier?). Usually I am not even close to this as site gets only a handful of visits a month and 1M is a lot. But this month it has suddenly spiked hugely and is about to hit limit. So questions if anyone can answer any of these:

  • Why is my limit only 1M, half that of everyone else?
  • Is there analytics on requests anywhere (which space is getting how many and from where etc? maybe its bots or something like that)
  • What does ‘Unlimited overages’ mean? If it hit 1M do the sites just go down or i get charged extra or what? Cant find any info on this.
  • Any ideas what could be the cause? Surely a page showing for entries that serve 3 fields each would be maximum 12 requests (really it should just be one request as its one query to get all published entries). By that logic i’ve had at least 83k hits in 3 weeks to my lame unoptimised portfolio website. Hard to believe. Or does contentful actually make a lot more requests than this for no real reason.

Thanks for the help.

Hello, we may need to check your organization ID to double check your limit but you shouldn’t be on 1M API call quota as we don’t have such plan even on our legacy. You can submit your ticket so support@contentful.com or just fill up the form over at Support page.

We will also answer your other questions.

I did submit a request, they didnt say much other than saying 1m is normal for early adopter accounts. Apparently early adopters get worse deals then new people and there isnt a way to upgrade. I might just hit my limit on last day or two of the month. 2M would be a nice, reasonable amount to have. As i cant upgrade to a none legacy or create a new account as already have one attached to my email I guess only option is to use a different provider.