Apostrophe Results in a 404 Page Error

Hi Community!

I couldn’t find any mention of the similar case, so starting this thread.

We had an article written with the use of Irish apostrophe. This symbol was used in the Rich Text field and resulted in 404 page error.

Here is the symbol:

it is considered as Irish apostrophe, and it is more tilted in comparison to the regular one.

Can you try on your side? Will it error as well?

I wonder is there other symbols that may lead to such misbehavior. Basically the symbol should be working on the Contentful side.

Hi predko,

i copied your symbol and pasted it into a RichTextField. It works for me. No error at all.
In this image in the Value you can see the Irish apostrophe directly followed by a simple apostrophe/quotation mark:

Where do you get the error? Is it in the API? I tried it with the REST Api (Preview).

Hope this helps.
Best regards

Hi @roman.maier,
Thank you for looking at this, and helping me to better investigate the issue :smiley:

It was due to our page implementation, not Contentful.

On the page in the body field, which is rich text format, we have H2s that are used to create ToC, and we generate hash for direct linking to the H2s. It was implemented in the way that text from H2s was converted into string. When we added a special symbol (like apostrophe in this case) it was breaking the page, because symbol could not convert into a string.

So special symbols in H2s on the page resulted in the page 404.

Now we firstly code the text from H2 and after that create a hash. This way we prevent the influence of special symbols.

Thanks again!