App framework 403 Usage exceeded

I have been trying to configure a simple application to be in multiple location ( entry-editor, entry-field, entry-sidebar, …) and it seems like i exceeded the limit of “privet deployed app” because when i am trying to create a new app using this post request:
curl -X POST
-H’Content-Type: application/json’
-H’Authorization: Bearer YOUR-CMA-TOKEN-GOES-HERE’
-d’{“name”: “Daily Animal”, “src”: “YOUR-GLITCH-URL-GOES-HERE”, “locations”: [{“location”: “app-config”}, {“location”: “entry-sidebar”}]}’

i receive this response:

Please, does anyone have a solution for this problem ?

@firas.tayeb We set a limit of 10 private app definitions per organization. You can check in your organization settings in the web app under ‘Apps’ how many app definitions you currently have and maybe delete one that’s unused.

Thanks @fabians , that solved my problem