App Magento 2 - search and select products in Contenful

Hello everyone !

I wish to use Contentful with Magento 2. Unfortunatelly, Contenful has not yet an app for Magento in order to search and select products from Magento directly in the content page of Contentful.

I have to launch this new project quickly and have no really time to learn how to build a custom app in Contentful. Does someone already build an app for Magento and could share with me ?

Thank you for helping !

Hi @guillaume.delafosse ,

I have googled a little and found this plugin for Magento to communicate with Contentful: GitHub - fond-of/magento-module-fondof-contentful

In addition, you could use our PHP SDK inside your Magento application: SDKs | Contentful

To make things easier, you wouldn’t probably need a whole integration in our Web App with Magento, but you can just match the Product IDs by having the SKU field in Contentful (and match it then within Magento):