Asset Processing Timeout

I am developing a web app that allows users to upload an image. Everything was working perfectly yesterday and today when I try to upload an image, I am receiving an “AssetProcessingTimeout” error. I understand that the image may continue to process even though the connection is closed. This causes an issue that I then can’t publish the asset and ultimately obtain the asset id to render the asset back to the user. Is there anything I can do to ensure processing doesn’t timeout and, if not, how can I resume the users flow when an asset is finished processing?

Hi @jgray, thanks for using the community!

Yesterday we saw very unusual latency levels and timeout errors from our Content Management API (details here: Can you let us know if you’re still encountering the problem today?

Hi @matt, thanks for getting back to me.

I did see later in the day on Wednesday that processing was completing successfully and haven’t had any issues since. In the event that this issue or a similar one arises, is there a way to implement auto-publishing of assets?

Good question. These three steps are the only way to publish assets via the API. In the event of a similar issue, “auto-publishing” wouldn’t work anyway since there would be no way to publish or upload assets without the CMA being available.