AuralCandy.Net - Premium House Music Podcast

Hey Contentful community,

I’d like to show you what I’ve built with Contentful. I am the founder and co-host DJ of a podcast website called AuralCandy.Net.

The website heavily emphasizes subscription via RSS, so therefor there aren’t that many “pages”. Even though all the podcast episodes have landing pages (e.g., the RSS feed is where the magic happens :slight_smile:

All the content such as the podcast episode data, MP3 files, images etc. is served by Contentful. The front-end is built using the Sinatra and Padrino frameworks as well as the Contentful Ruby client. The front-end application is hosted at Heroku. Caching is handled both via Rack on the application level as well as via Cloudflare.

Questions and comments are welcome!


Hey hey. :wave:

That sounds awesome. :slight_smile: I’d be happy to share this with others community members – especially the RSS part is really interesting.

Maybe we can jump on a quick call to discuss if/what we can share this with others (additionally to the community forum)? :blush:

Hey Stefan,

Sure, I’d love to have a call and discuss this further. My employer is actually an Enterprise client of Contentful, so I’ve had regular Zoom calls with other Contentful employees :slight_smile:

Could you drop me an e-mail to my work e-mail and we’ll go from there.

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That’s awesome @teemu.tammela1! Thank you very much for sharing this :star_struck:
Yes, that “magic” part is really interesting :slight_smile:

Thanks @andrey :+1:t2:

One other thing you guys might find interesting is that this same implementation could be used for iTunes-compatible video podcasts as well as audio podcasts.

The controller portion that is made with Sinatra and the Ruby client could be made literally with 5 lines of code, so it’s really lean. The XML part is just a standard ERB template.

Hey guys! Time for an update as we just launched V6 of AuralCandy.Net last night.

The most prominent feature is the new search engine that enables the user to browse and listen to podcast episodes. This is made possible by the search filters of the Contentful Delivery API Ruby-client.

The UI has been completely reworked by utilizing Bootstrap. The rest of the technology stack remains the same: Sinatra, Padrino, Heroku and Cloudflare.