Authenticate issue

I am trying to authenticate my app with a query parameter method which was recommended from authentication doc.
And I am getting error message.

“sys”: {
“type”: “Error”,
“id”: “AccessTokenInvalid”
“message”: “The access token you sent could not be found or is invalid.”,
“requestId”: “d43d7400-1516-4b71-92fd-5414af72a0eb”

I am wondering what should I attach after token=
I thought it was Space id of my Contentful api keys.

As a query parameter:

curl -v‘SPACE_ID’


You need to pass “Content Delivery API - access token” found under Settings -> API Keys

This looks like a typo in the docs, could you link to a page where you found those instructions?

Hello, ante.sepic!
Oh, I should attach “Content Delivery API - access token” not space id, correct?
I found this authentication method from here.

Exactly. Let me know if that does not work, and apologies for the confusion.

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