Auto-generate title from fields

I am not sure if this is the right category for my question :smiling_face:

Contentful requires internal titles for each content entry to be determined in the related Content Type. This is for organizing content entries and making it easier to find them. These internal titles currently have to be filled out manually be the editors.

I am wondering if it is possible to auto-generate a title based on fields that have been filled out.

E.g. in the example I’ve added the editor would add a event location (“Eiffel tower”) and a date (“2021-10-25”) and the title would automatically genreate itself based on those two entries.

Any hints would be appreciated!

This is actually a classic use case for the App Framework, and I’ve actually successfully built something similar in the past using a field-level app. At high level, you could simply build a field level app using create-contentful-app, then have that app look at the two fields and concatenate their values for the internal title field.

The App Framework is all React-based, so it should be relatively simple to make it reactive and update as the source fields are updated as well :sunglasses: If you’re new to the App Framework, this is a great video to get you started: How to extend Contentful's interface with custom fields - YouTube

Personally I think it is super annoying to have a title required for each content. Some of my content models are very simple and contain just a rich-text or just an image and to be used in a referenced field but my author always needs to insert a title for each little content element.

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Yeah it is an annoying thing so I finally found some time to adress the issue and created a simple Contentful app: