[Berlin, April 10th] Contentful Developers Meetup

RSVP :point_right: https://www.contentful.com/events/2018-04-developermeetupberlin/

If you have a project you’d like to share, let us know

Learn how other developers are using Contentful to build digital products at our 6th Developers Meetup in Berlin. As always, we will provide plenty of free food and drinks :beers:.


6:30 PM: Doors open. Our team will be there to welcome you.

7:00 PM: :speaking_head: Hitchhiker’s Guide To Structured Data - Christoph Grabo (@asaaki)

A tiny journey to the building blocks of the semantic web and how they make our lives much easier. What does Structured Data mean to us and how can you utilise this in your daily Contentful workflow by building a UI extension for localisation support?

Christoph solves problems by telling machines what they are supposed to do; sometimes this works. He’s a Ruby Backend Engineer at Contentful and rarely writes JavaScript. Loves minimalism and web performance. 100ms is already too slow.

7:30 PM: :speaking_head: New Contentful Space Environments Demo - Johannes Würbach

8:00 PM: :wave: Meet other developers using Contentful

Comment with any questions! :grinning:

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