Best Commerce platforms to use with Contentful

Hey folks,

This might be kind of a vague question, but which B2C e-commerce tools would you recommend to easily pair with Contentful for a medium business? Only Shopify, Commercetools and/or Commercelayer?

Ton of thanks

Hi @jfrisch59,

Welcome to the Contentful Community! As you’ve discovered we recently launched integrations with commercetools, Commerce Layer and Shopify. All of them are a great fit for creating an e-commerce site with Contentful.

But that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who will work well with Contentful and we have a number of customers using other API-centric e-commerce solutions. If you want to integrate another tool with Contentful, our shared-sku-app should take some of the busy work out if it. Indeed, all three of the above mentioned integrations are based on the shared app library.

I know this didn’t directly answer your question but I hope it helped nonetheless.