Best practice for localized site - some matching, some unique content

Hi all,

Typical SaaS website ( - currently EN only but we want to roll our German version of it.

A large portion of the site would be 1:1 translation of the English site and Contentful caters well for that case.

However, what’s the best way to give DE editors the freedom to publish content (blog posts, case studies, etc) in German only?

Is the right place to follow and I’ll probably want the space-level localization?

Hi @siim,

Locales are absolutely the best way to go and you should definitely be able to use it to structure your separate content in German.

With that, not only can your create content in each respective language, but you can easily associate a simple search parameter (i.e. locale=) and you should be to retrieve content without any problems.

Also, I apologize for the delay - your post had automatically been flagged as spam.