Best practices for content loading in a mobile app

For a mobile app, not a website, I’ve been trying to find the best practices for such things as initial content loading, security, automated testing, setting up localization, and a few others.

For now, I’d just be happy to know what the current best practice is for initial content load. My thought was to have a step in the build process to pull the most recent content down, and “bake” that into the app, then upon app start, attempt a pull if there was connectivity, and overwrite that initial load.

Do many here use either a flag in an API response or a silent push notification to alert the app when content is refreshed so that another pull can be made to get the latest? It is possible that some people may keep the app running for a very long time, and was just curious if that was something others are using as a means to keep things up to date.

So, in short…
During build, query Contentful and store the content locally (for each language supported)
During app launch, query Contentful for the latest data and update local storage using that
Potentially…use a flag or silent push to indicate if another refresh of the content is needed.

Your thoughts?