Best Practices for Copy and Paste from MS Word to Rich Text Field

Can someone recommend the best practices for getting documents from MS Word to a Contenful Rich Text field? I’ve noticed a number of issues, including:

  • Extra line-breaks added between paragraphs
  • Paragraphs have extra internal line-breaks added
  • All text in document added to same paragraph when pasted in.

It never looks good if you copy and paste from word. I’m not sure what rich text editor contentful is using, but if you compare the results of c&p from MS Word to Contentful Rich Text vs doing the same thing to QuillJS or CKEditor, you can see how off the Contentful editor looks.

So, what are the best practices for taking content from MS Word to Contentful?


Thank you for asking this question. I had the same issue, and your statement about other editors accepting the content from Word correctly got me thinking. I tried copying through Windows WordPad, but that dropped the HTML tags for headings, lists, etc.

Atlassian Confluence has pretty great support for Word, so I created a new Confluence page and pasted the content from my Word document into it. It formatted everything correctly. I then copy and pasted the result into Contentful and it worked perfectly!

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