Bug: Contentful keeps not saving and we're losing lots of random bits of the site

Apologies if this is meant to be elsewhere.

We’ve implemented translation, but are finding we’ll add in translation for, say, 5 pages and only 3 of them save. I’ve gone back into one particular menu item over 5 times now and re-saved, and it just deletes the content every time.

Is this something anyone else is familiar with? It’s getting really frustrating for our content editors, and I’m questioning whether going with Contentful was a good idea.

If it helps at all, I can see in the console there’s the error “Invalid created_at, expecting 10-digit Unix timestamp in seconds”.

Hi @stev333, I’m Alma from Customer Support. This issue seems very specific and has not been reported yet. Could you write to us with additional information, in order to investigate it? https://www.contentful.com/support/ Thanks :blush: