Can environments be used to "git-flow" content?

Hi community: I’ve been digging into Contentful to see if it works for our use case, but I’m getting the sense it doesn’t…

My requirement is a git-flow-like process for content. I was hoping I could have a content author use environments to develop and stage content updates using the web interface, then migrate (or overwrite would be ok if I could roll it back) content back to master.

Initially I assumed, since environments are exposed to the web interface, this was possible, however I think the managing-multiple-environments documentation answers my question:
“If you intend to apply the changes you make in sandbox environments to master you have to use the Contentful Migration CLI to make the changes and also to migrate them to master.”

So I have three questions:

  1. Did I answer my own question? (It’s not possible to migrate web app content changes to master)
  2. Is it even possible to use the Contentful Migration CLI to migrate content (not just schema)?
  3. If you can change schema/content between environments through the web app but not apply those changes, what’s the point?


Hi @jay,

The contentful-export and contentful-import tools do work with environments, but what you describe certainly not our recommended workflow.

re #2, The Contentful migration cli is for migrating content model changes from one space/env to another. It does not support migrating content, but you could use the contentful-export and contentful-import tool along with the migration cli tool to do

Re #3, there is no way to migrate content model changes between envs using the web app. You can use the web app to easily test out content model changes and see what works, then write your migration script once you’ve figured out what exact changes to make.

hope this helps!

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