Can I ignore the unpublished-refs-confirm modal ("Are you sure you want to publish this entry?") when publishing an entry with CMA via a fetch request?

Use case:
Use Airtable to automate entry and asset creation in Contentful with Airtable’s scripting tools

Unable to publish entries with unpublished linked entries via a fetch api PUT request

Is there something I can pass with the publish PUT request (that’s not listed in the API documentation) that tells Contentful to ignore the unpublished content warning (the “Are you sure you want to publish this entry?” popup) and publish an entry even if it has links to other unpublished entries?

This workflow involves the following entry types:

  • Article entries (these are the atomic units of our Contentful instance)
  • A container entry that references article entries in the following ways:
    – A single article entry (let’s call it the Primary entry) that serves as the description of the container object, linked via a single-reference field
    – An unlimited number of related article entries (let’s call them Topic entries), linked with a separate multi-reference field

I want to complete the following steps with my script for each new container entry:

  1. Create the Primary article entry
  2. Create the container entry
  3. Link the Primary article entry to the container entry via the single-reference field
  4. Publish the container entry

The key thing to note about this workflow is that I need to publish the container entry before the Primary article entry is published. I’ve got steps 1-3 working without an issue, but I keep hitting 409 conflict errors when I try to publish the container.

I can publish a different type of container entry in a separate script with the same code, and this entry type also has linked items. However, the linked items in the other script are always published before I try to publish the container, so I think the issue is coming from the popup/modal that appears when you try to publish an entry that links to a non-published entry:

The Primary article for the container already exists before the automation hits this script, so I’m completing the following actions in the script for this step:

  1. Get the Primary article entry’s Id
  2. Create the container entry, with the Primary article entry linked
  3. Get the version of the container entry
  4. Publish the container entry

Here’s an example of the request and response from the publish request for one of the container entries that’s has an draft Primary article linked to it:

PUT request:

let collectionEntryPublishResponse = await fetch(`${createCollectionURL}/${collectionContentfulEntryId}/published`, {
  method: 'PUT',
  headers: {
    'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + API_KEY,
    'X-Contentful-Contentful-Version': collectionContentfulVersionForPublish


{type: "basic", url: "{spadeId}/environments/master/entries/{entryId}/published", status: 409, statusText: "Conflict", ok: false…}
type: "basic"
url: ""
status: 409
statusText: "Conflict"
ok: false
headers: Object
redirected: false

Is there anything I can send with the PUT request that would allow me to circumvent the popup and force-publish the container with the unpublished references?