Can I Integrate with a notifications service to send new content updates?

I want to send out notifications to my app users when we publish new content. Is there a way to integrate the with notifications or messaging service so that I can automatically update users via email, push notification in in app message when there’s new content?

Did you try Zapier? Sign up, then create a Zap. Use their Contentful integration as the trigger for the zip. Use one of their messaging integrations as the action. I used the ‘Email by Zapier’ option as the action and it worked fine. Took me about 5 minutes all told.


Awesome! That’s very true :slight_smile:
@Nate I think it’s also possible to route Contetnful webhooks to any logging system and use their email notifications, i.e. each time new new payload is sent to that system, email notification is fired. However, that might require additional efforts to setup this.
What @gareth.rowlands suggested should work better :wink:

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Thanks Gareth! I didn’t know Zapier had a Contentful integration.

Hello everybody,

FYI: unfortunately, we’re not supporting the Zapier integration anymore. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Stefan. Any suggestions on integrating push notifications?

I’ve never played with push notifications. In the context of this thread, without zapier you’d have to provide your own HTTP endpoint that accepts webhooks (a serverless function is great for that) and then implement your logic. :slight_smile: