Can we restore the deleted data?


Today we found that all data from one of our major Content Type was deleted. Since this content type is referenced in many other content types, those also start showing missing reference.

We asked our team here and it seems no one deleted those entries. We are not sure who deleted those entries, whether by user or by system. Is there a way to find how those entries got deleted and way to restore those?

Appreciate help here.
Thank you.

Hi Bharat,

since this relates to private data in your space, please go ahead and open a support issue at
We can help you out there and check the logs for details.


Thanks Tim for your quick reply.
But is there any way on Contentful UI i can find out?


Hi Bharats,

Unfortunately no. For this kind of requests someone from the team would have to take a look to the logs. As Tim said, you can open a support request and we’ll glad to help you there

Farruco Sanjurjo

Thank you Farruco. Will check.

But shouldn’t there be recycle bin as lot of CMS provides this basic feature.