Can't add new content model in dev environment

I’m handling a website’s content via Contentful. My tier allows me to have a maximum of 48 content models.

I have cloned my master environment into a dev environment, hereafter referred to as “dev”. Both environments have used 46 of the 48 allowed content models. Today I tried to add a new content model to dev, but the “Add content type” button is disabled?

In master, the same button is enabled and I’m able to add a new content model.

Why does this happen? Is this a bug or related to me reaching some sort of tier related cap?

Hi @convictus-dev-team - it is possible that the ‘dev’ environment has reached 48 Content-Types even if displayed only 46. Would you be able to perform a CMA API Call to verify how many you have? Content Management API | Contentful