Card Entry Thumbnail Preview


I am new to the forum so please forgive me if I did not start the topic in the correct category.

Basically I would like to know if for the card entries to choose which field is used for the thumbnail, and possibly if there can be an indirection.

The reason is because I have created a content type which accepts an Image and/or a Vimeo ID and a few other fields. And I use this pretty much everywhere I want a media. So when I have entry cards for these, I can see the thumbnail preview. But if I create a content type for a product for example, and I have a field for a main media, then it will not show up as a thumbnail preview. I assume this is because there is no direct media field for this content type. I would like to be able to have the thumbnail taken from my custom media content type.

It seems to me that it is possible because I have seen it on somebody else’s admin but I could not find out how it worked. Does anybody know?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @mickael.riga.79 ,
Unfortunately I think that is not possible by default with our Web App. However we did open-source most of our Editor components on Github, like this one: field-editors/extensions/multiple-references-extension at master · contentful/field-editors · GitHub

By using this it should be possible to achieve what you would like to do, although I’m sorry there is no further documentation to guide you trough the development process.