Change content created date

Hi there.

Is it possible to afterwards change the date of when the content has been created?

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Hi @moritz.guehring,

It’s unfortunately not possible to modify the actual metadata date properties of your items (e.g. sys.updatedAt), but you could create an additional date field in your content model to handle these additional cases.

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Hi - this post is near 4 years old - has this changed? When migrating content from an old website / CMS, keeping the original publish date may be crucial for certain sites (news sites etc).

Would be highly appreciated if the API supported this by now.

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Would also like an update on this. The recommendation to create an additional date field we can manipulate is something we’ve done, however, it’s not really possible to then be able to query content based on that new date field (see this post).

So, for example, if we want to fetch content based on that new date field and sort by most recent based on that date field, there’s not really a good way to do that - especially if you have a lot of content and need to manage pagination, etc.

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I’d also like an answer to this question, we migrated a load of content over at the same time and it would be really useful to be able to adjust the creation date. Creating an additional field would complicate the way in which our search tool functions.

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Yea, we should be able to update firstPublishedAt. Would make things a lot easier for migrations.