Changing from entry-level localization to reference level localization (migration cli)

Hey all,
We are transitioning our data model from one with entry-level localization (each field is localized on the entry) to reference-level localization (there is a localized reference that points to entries in multiple locales).
This means all the English bits go into a derived English entry, all the German bits go into a derived German entry, etc.
But to begin with we need to “derive” multiple localized entries from the original entry. How could this be done with the migration CLI?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @aldub,

If I understood you correctly, the reference-level localization refers to creating child entries for each specific localized content, instead of a single entry with localized fields, is that correct? If so, is there a specific reason why you’d wish to move away from the standard localized field approach?

In any case, you would be able to resolve these child entries normally, by using the includes parameter implementation.

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Hi @gabriel ,

I’m referring to this:
The reason to move to reference-level localization is that we need asynchronous publishing for languages, (this was also recommended by your solution architect).

My question was specifically about migration CLI and deriveLinkedEntries, and how to write a migration script that will make the transition.