Char limit in long text

I have a content type for an article. For the “body” of an article we have been using markdown in a long text field. It has been awesome. We have publish quite a few articles.

We just wrote a loooooooooong article and ran up against the 50k character limit in that field. How should I solve that?

I believe rich text allows for longer text… but doesnt allow me to embed HTML like I can in markdown. I will need to have tables, imgs, footnotes, etc in the article. It is my understanding that the rich text field is more restrictive and I may not be able to configure the article as I like.

I’d also rather not have to go back and figure out how to migrate all of our existing articles into a new content type.

Has anyone else ran into this, how did you solve it?

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Hi @johnmirick,

The best way to achieve this would be to separate such large content among 2 fields or more. Unfortunately, there’s not a way to modify this limit of 50k characters and you’d indeed be better off having more fields to spread this content evenly.