CLI import - import asset & publish entries


I am using the CLI import tool for mass-creation of content.

I am having 2 issues :

  • when importing, all imported entries are set as draft, not published
    I’ve tried using the option --skip-content-publishing but no matter if i put true or false entries are still on draft

  • I will need to mass-import images, I tried it by putting the image files in the same directory as the import JSON file, and putting just the image file name in the fileName field, but in the error log it says url is required
    when putting file name in the url field, error log says it does not match format with http
    but the images are not hosted yet

how could i proceed?

thanks for your support, regards,

If it can help anyone:

  • to publish, the parameter publishVersion is needed, no matter the number entered it published the content
  • for images an https url is required so the images need to be hosted somewhere