CLI on macos login will not take token

CLI on mac os … contentful login when i paste token and press retun it just clears … can not login

seems problem with bash … with sh
it worked

Today July 20, 2019 the issue is present. I I try with bash, zsh and sh.

Same here.
Actually, I cannot even paste the token into the cli; the shell freezes.
MacOS 10.14.5, node 12.4.0, contentful 0.27.0

You guys are right. With contentful-cli version 0.27, the terminal freezes and it’s not possible to insert the token. I have escalated the issue to our engineer team. Meanwhile, you could solve the issue by manually add the CMA token in your .contentfulrc.json

It is located in your home folder, something like ‘/Users/username/.contentfulrc.json’
“cmaToken”: “{token}”,
“activeSpaceId”: “{space-id}”,
“activeEnvironmentId”: “master”

After copy/paste the token there, with your right spaceId and environment, you can check that you are logged by typing $ contentful space list. If you see indeed the list of your spaces, you are now logged.

Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience :pray:

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Hi, our engineering team has a new version released 0.29.0, this should fix the issue with logging in via the cli :muscle:

Thank you Alma. :+1: