Coding different in contentful

Hi everyone,

I am very basic so sorry if this seems simple.

I’ve notced a few differences from wordpress (which I usually use). Maybe it’s the preview I am using, but I think that should be accurate, right?

Ordered lists

    and tags don’t seem to work the same here.

    With , I get the and the text show up when only the text i put inside should be showing up.


      , the closing tag
    is visible when it shouldn’t be.

    Here are my code examples:
    Transparency disclosure:
    (And a part of this one)

    1. Aikawa Y, Agata U, Kakutani Y, Kato S, Noma Y, Hattori S, Ogata H, Ezawa I, Omi N. The preventive effect of calcium supplementation on weak bones caused by the interaction of exercise and food restriction in young female rats during the period from acquiring bone mass to maintaining bone mass. Calcified tissue international. 2016 Jan 1;98(1):94-103.

    Last but not least, I noticed that the superscript references are not small like they should be.