Community site not working?

I created new contentful account today, wanting to check possibilities of the system etc., to see if that’s what I’m looking for. After logging in it welcomed me with error info, went to admin panel and I can see that I have Gatsby Starter for Contentful space, but I cannot access it - getting 404 every time I try. I can’t even remove it, nor can I create new one (since I can only have 1).
Any tips?


Hi @hayabo1879 , we are really sorry that you are experiencing troubles with our platform. Would you be able to contact support here? - you can address the email specifically to me (Alma), so that I can have a look?

hey, sorry - seems like that must have been some intermittent issue, since the next day it started working OK, and I was able to remove the demo site and start exploring contentful with my own site.

But thanks for responding!

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