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Compliance with China hosting requirement

Hi there,

There are a number of requirements for a web application to be hosted in China servers so that there are no constraints or latency for China users to access it as any other user.

We have a costumer for which we are planning to generate static pages (which content comes from Contentful) and host those in Chinese CDN, but we need to make sure the Contentful platform itself can be access by the content editors located in China, without any issues.

Already look in documentation but found nothing about this. Is there anyone that can help figure out this with some urgency?

Thanks. Cheers

Hi @nuno.barreiro,

This is currently a limitation in our platform and we don’t have a direct alternative for this at the moment.

Hi @gabriel,

Thanks for your quick feedback.


Hi @gabriel,

Is it possible for content editors work on Contentful in Europe, and serve the contents to China through our Chinese CDN?