Conditional logic in content types?

In the web app, I am looking to create a content type called “Week” which needs to load different fields based on a dropdown selector called “Day” that’s part of that content type. Or in other words we want content authors to be able to Create a new entry with the content type “Week” and once inside they should be able to pick a day from a drop down selector and based on that selection some of the fields in the content type need to change aka conditional logic. This is so that I don’t have to create 7 separate content types for each day of the week.

In Strapi CMS there’s something called dynamic zones which apparently can be used to group and manage multiple content types by a singular logic model. What’s the way to solve this in Contentful, are there any custom apps or integrations which can do this?

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i am also interested in the solution.
I got a related usecase. I have 2 types of Articles, but i don’t want to create 2 contenttypes, because 9/10 Fields are similar. Only 1 is different. Therefore an editor should be able to use a checkbox or radio-button or switch button to switch between the possibilities of this 1 field, that is not similar.

In the one case it should show a rich-text-field, in the other case it should show a reference-field to another content-type.

We solved it the way, that we have only 1 article now, but with 11 fields instead of 10. The editor has to choose and to know which type of article he is editing now.

Another reason we have only 1 Article is, that we want to filter against this content-type and we have not seen a possibility to filter against multiple content-types.