Configure autosave features

Hi. Is there any way to fully configure the autosave feature, for example change how often the entry is automatically saved or disable it permanently requiring users to manually save the entry?

Also noticed that autosave does not guarantee a stable version of the entry, meaning some required fields can be empty and entry is autosaved the same, which is giving some issues in our apps that are leveraging the preview API. Any way to work around this?


Hi Nuno,

Unfortunately it’s not possible for the customers to change the behaviour of the auto-saving. And if you use the preview API, it’s not possible to have a clear separation between valid and invalid entries.

Our suggestion is to adapt the apps that are using the preview API to not ‘fail’ when some data is missing. Maybe you can also think of using UI extension to mark the entries as ‘invalid’ unless the required fields are populated, and that should then give you a way to manage the entries on the application level.