Configure Commercetools App


I am trying to configure the Commercetools App using the available tutorial:

I set up all the required fields and carefully followed the steps; however, my Commercetools products are not being displayed.

I wonder if I need to set up an access token or if there is an additional step that is not included in the above documentation.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Hey there, welcome to the Contentful Community!

The commercetools-owned picker requires a search before displaying any products. Could you try searching for a product/SKU you know exists?

In case someone else was having the same issue.
This has already been resolved by the Contentful Support team.

I am seeing the same issue.

I am seeing a 404 response to the commerce tools API:

I’ve tried different commerce tools tokens (secret and id) with admin, readonly, etc… settings and I’ve been unable to fetch any products. The same API tokens are able to fetch data using the JavaScript SDK client.

Does anyone has any solve for this issue? apparently I’ve the same issue.