Content Approval Workflow

Hi all!

What’s the status on a Content Approval workflow engine within he web app of Contentful? I read this article:

But it’s from 2017. Has anything changed since then?

thank you!

Hi Marcelo, you are right, this post is still a best practice for setting up content approval workflow. We also released a built-in feature for the workflow - “Tasks”, which is available in enterprise-grade spaces currently.

Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to set up tasks by default whenever a new entry is created for a particular content type? For example, if the content type “Blog” is created as an entry, they would automatically get 3 tasks associated with it they would have to complete. is this possible? Basically, I want to add tasks when I create the content type so it’s enforced every time an entry is created. Hope that makes sense.

There is not a built-in feature yet, although our product development team has received similar feedbacks and is surely considering it.

For this use case, at the moment development resources will be needed, on top of my head I can think of 1. generate webhooks which listens to entry creation 2. a cron job which automatically creates tasks via API 3. distribute tasks among entries and users

Sounds good. I was thinking the same thing. I think it’s time to “experiment!” :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply.

Does workflow exist in contentful and could you share documentation.

I’m curious if there’s been any progress on this? We are interested in a workflow process by which nothing is published without review - new and changed entries.

I’m not sure if our developers will have time to create custom features, so I’m interested in being able to define workflows that apply to specific content types.

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