Content (Approval) Workflows naming – We need your help!

Hello everyone,

We are currently working on the feature of Content (Approval) Workflows and we want your help with naming it. The complexity that we have come to face after some research on how people are planning to use it is that when an Entry is moved to another stage from Draft, it’s not always for reviewing reasons (“hey can you have a look before I publish?“) but also for some kind of work on the Entry itself (“hey can you translate this to english?“).

With this information in mind, if you were to make any of the following requests to some of your colleagues:

  • Ask for content review
  • Ask for a field to be translated
  • Ask for an Editor to publish a page

how would you call this kind of request so that it describes all of these actions?

Please take 1 minute to fill in this form (it’s only one multiple choice question) and help us name this feature:


Thank you very much!

#namingishard #renamingisharder

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HI @spiros,
When is this feature planned to be available for general use?
I have a client that is looking for this specific feature.