Content level prermissions configuration for all environments in a space, not only on master

Hello community

We use different Contentful environments for our space / project for the acceptance and integration environment for new features we developing on our web platform.
Currently for our content editors we need to restrict the access to those envs as the content level permissions, we defined for their role, only apply to the master environment.
Else the could change or delete those environments or alter content they shouldn’t be able to and brake our testing process.

It would be awesome if the permissions and restrictions could be configured for the different environments in a Contentful space or at least that we could apply the defined permissions on all or selected environments in a space.


Hi @thomas.zbinden, this is Alma from Contentful team, thanks for your feedback. I will send your feedback and use case as a feature request to our product development team, so it doesn’t get lost.

Currently, it is by design that the sandbox environments don’t have content level permissions, since space environments is a feature built mainly for developers, we recommend not to use it to cover editorial workflows.