Content list should support order-by on all columns

Apparently the content list only supports order-by on the “updated at” column.

It would be helpful if sorting was supported by all columns, maybe also with second- and third-level sorting (e.g. first by category, then …)

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Hey @dkast!

Got your point. That’s correct, you can now order by Updated only.
As an alternative solution, you can create filter by other attributes, for example: author : "Neo" and create a saved View. Probably that will partially address you problem, because you’ll be able to at least look at Views.

Thank you.

Seconding this, over 2 years later. Particularly not being able to sort alphabetically by the Name column seems like a missing feature. I would also mention:

…on the Managing content > Content tab help page to save people like me the effort of hunting down this forum post.