Content model categories / order

If I have like 100 different Content models (taxonomies, content, components for content etc.) it can get confusing.
On the Content tab I already have the possibility to sort the Content models in categories (folders). Would be nice to have this possibility also on the Content model tab so that I can group related content models together and order them as I like. On the Content tab the same groups and orders could then be applied to the flyout when I click on “Add entry”. This would help the editors to find the right content model they want to add to the entries.

And related to that: On the content tab if I select a specific content model in the navigation on the left it would be nice if there is an additional button to add a new entry of that selected content model. So for example if I’m on the tab Content and filter the Content Model “Product” on the left navigation I’d like to have a button “Add Product” displayed.

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Hi @benandunt!

I apologize, it took so long to get back to you!
This thing is a great feature request:

I forwarded this to our product team. Thank you very much for your input!

One question about this:

Do you think having two Add entries buttons on right and left can confuse a bit?

hmm… depends. One says “Add entries” whereas the other says “Add content XY”. But I leave that up to you :slight_smile:
I just think adding a new entry could somehow be achieved easier (more obvious) than with the current solution.

@benandunt Got it.
Forwarded this to our team. Thanks again for the detailed feedback!