Content Preview API should return Entry / Asset state

Contentful provides a way to fetch Entries / Assets that do not have a “published” state via the Content Preview API endpoint and related API key.

I would like to suggest that the state (“draft”, “changed”, “published”, “archived”) of each Entry / Asset should be included in the response payload, on the entity.sys object as it is when using the CMA.

This is particularly important when fetching multiple entities eg. when using getEntries() which may return a number of Entries with a mix of states.

Hi @noor! Welcome!

The entry/asset status isn’t a property itself, but rather something that is determined by comparing the publishedVersion property with the current version (for use with the CMA) or comparing the published version on the CDA with the most current version (for use with the CPA/CDA).

Check out these links for details:

I hope this helps!