Content Type All Entries View: Want to display thumbnails

Here is a view of all Image With Meta Data entries. It is a simple content type with only three fields: a title, an asset, and a list of tags

Is it at all possible to customize this view so that the image thumbnails for each entry display on this page?? Even better, is it possible for the list of tags to display as well?

ANY advice or alternative ways of thinking about this will be extremely appreciated!!

Hey @marceldochamp!

Insofar as thumbnails are concerned, it’d unfortunately not be possible to include that as these are only available to assets themselves, instead of referenced images in your entries. It could get very tricky and messy in the case where multiple images are referenced in your entry.

Regarding tags, that would actually be possible, and you only need to enable it in your view, clicking in the small wheel icon in the top right.