Contentful CLI Importer help

I’m looking to migrate some of my website’s content off of Oracle Cloud and onto Contentful, but I’m not quite sure how to go about this. I know Contentful’s CLI has an importer for such thing, but the instructions on the readme aren’t helpful, I don’t know how to format the content and what steps to take to actually import. Any guidance on this would be hugely helpful, thank you!

Hi @bjstephens ,

I think for your use case, it would be better to use our Management API (we have multiple SDK) and build a custom script that would read from Oracle Cloud (via their API or Database) and create the new entries in Contentful: contentful-management - npm

Writing your own importer it’s the recommended way, cause exporting the data in a JSON format for our import tool, it would be possible, but it would be taking you more time.