Contentful-hosted media indexed by Google?

I’m using Contentful to host a number of PDFs that users are emailed a link to, if they fill out a form on our website. I’ve noticed that the direct links to those PDFs have been indexed by Google, which we don’t want.

I’m not sure how these got indexed in the first place, as we’ve never linked to them from anywhere public, so I’m wondering if anyone knows why these files get indexed, and how to prevent this from happening in the future?

Hi @developer2, this usually shouldn’t happen. It is possible that some of these links were indexed by a page that maybe contained them. Do you have any update on the issue?

Hi Alma,

According to our content person these links have not been on any live pages so I don’t know how this happened. We’ve now had to move the pdfs to an AWS bucket instead, which really isn’t a preferred solution. Ideally we would have a way to noindex these types of files in contentful.

Hi @developer2, I consulted internally and my colleague has an idea which might caused the issue:

Often email MTAs (Adobe Campaign, Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud) will create a “view in browser” version of an email newsletter which can get indexed.

Would it be possible to forward us one of the emails? my email address is: