Create RSS Feed from Blog Post Content Type in Contentful

We have a Blog Page content type in Contentful and would like to create an RSS feed from this content type to feed into existing processes to publish the content. Even though RSS is a bit outdated, we need to replicate an existing processes. Surprised to learn that there are no tools we can find that do this without custom dev. The blog data structure is very typical and simplified. Any suggestions on tools or existing code we can start with? Thanks!

Hi @phinforgood,

The reason you have not been able to find any dedicated tools for creating a RSS feed out of Contentful content is because it does not require any kind of special tools – You can your Contentful entries as XML just like you can render your content as HTML.

I have a Contentful-based website that has an RSS feed. The site is built with a Ruby framework Sinatra and uses ERB templates for rendering both HTML and XML. Hopefully these examples are able to give you some insight.

Hi there, Contentful DevRel here :wave:t3:

I know I might be a bit late to the party here — but I just wrote a new post for the Contentful blog site that describes how to create an RSS feed using JavaScript and a serverless function (on Netlify). You’re probably way past needing help, but I thought I’d leave this here in case anyone else came across this post.

Have a great day!

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