Creative way to categorize multiple images

We’re trying to find a way for our client to categorize multiple images at once. They’re going to upload dozens of images every month and they need a way to navigate them easily when the add them to content entries. We’re exploring creative ways but there doesn’t seem to be user-flow intuitive solution, maybe someone has done something similar.

Possible solutions we tried that come close, but don’t cover completely what we need:

  • creating content types as Categories: it allows to link/unlink multiple images to a category at once, but I don’t think there’s a way to filter by these linked categories when you search for assets. This would definitely be the perfect solution.
  • using a content type for media files AND content types as Categories: assets would be searchable by categories, but you wouldn’t be able to link multiple media files entries to a category, only one by one.
  • inserting tags in the description of Media as categories: it works and it’s searchable, but you can’t add/remove tags to multiple assets.

Any ideas? With UI Extensions maybe? Any hint would be highly appreciated.

Hi there,

I’m going to try to shed some thoughts based on what I’ve seen our customers doing, and perhaps others could also share their experiences :slight_smile:

The best approach here would be something close to what you described in your first implementation:

That would ensure your content is properly organized and easily available in terms of sorting and filtering through our APIs.

It would actually be possible to fetch which categories are referencing these assets.

All you’d have to do is to use the links_to_asset parameter in your query:

Thank you, indeed that’s the ideal solution. Question: if we wanted to keep Contentful’s native UI as CMS, there’s absolutely no way to filter that query when searching assets, only if we build our own UI on top of it, correct?