Custom markdown editor

Hi there, does anyone know how to make custom markdown editor?
For example, how can I hide some control options.
I searched Forma 36 story books, can’t find related component to do that.

We haven’t released an open source version of our markdown editor, so if you want to make a custom markdown editor you would have to make a UI extension and use a publicly available, open source markdown editor.

There is an internal project underway to open source all our native field editors, but there is no definite ETA associated with it at the moment. You can follow progress of the project here.

Thanks Charlie, glad to hear those editors are on the way to open source!

I don’t mind to make a custom UI extension markdown, could you tell me which open source markdown editor Contentful used to build that one above?


Any updates on this? Do we still need to make custom markdown editor or its up and available in contentful library?

There is an update to share: we have released open-source our field editors. Here’s some links to more information:

I imagine you’d want to fork the field editor repo, make changes to the markdown field editor to hide the 2 controls in @StevenZhang’s example, then use a forked/cloned copy of this app (which uses the forked markdown editor) to install it into your space and on the specific field(s) of the content type(s) where needed.

Hope this helps!

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