Custom Richtext Editor in Entry Extension

Hello, everybody,
We want to better organize a content type for our customers. That’s why we want to write an entry extension like the one here in this repository:

The problem is that we don’t have the ability to recreate the rich text fields in the custom entry. Unfortunately Forma-36 does not offer the same rich text editor that you can find in Contentful.

Did I miss something, or do you have other ways to provide the customer with the Richtext editor Custumizet?

Hi Moritz and welcome the Contentful Community Forum!

Unfortunately this is not possible today. We’re actively working on open sourcing our core editors to allow using them in entry extensions. Unfortunately I don’t have a timeline to share on that.

RichText being the most complex of our core editors will likely to be last one we’ll be able to share.

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Ahh this is exciting news, i’d love to fork the rich-text editor to add-on / modify it for our uses.

Has this been released yet?

Our field editors are now open source:

Has anyone tried using the @contentful/field-editor-rich-text in their custom Entry extension?
The documentation is poor and I could not find guidance on how to embed the component and what props are required for using it as a stand alone component in your extension.

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Having the same problem here,
Working in a full editor custom extension, at the time I want to add the Rich text to the party it demands an SDK prop.

You can check an aproximation of my extension code in this post I just made: